If you don't know where you're going any path will get you there


Move faster and make greater strategic impact. Learning strategy, organizational change, and team performance benefit from a unified approach.  We use collaborative design thinking to collect and analyze data, identify gaps and architect innovative solutions to achieve your most challenging goals. 

Learning Strategy

We’ll help you get in front of your learning initiatives. Moving from request taker to business partner requires a strategy to link learning to business goals. We help you make sense from the noise, simplify and then craft innovative learning plans to support your business and learning goals.

Needs Assessment

Shallow needs surveys just don’t cut it anymore. Our needs assessments involve users, organizational data and intelligent decision making to define high priority performance gaps. Our expertise in performance improvement means your needs assessment will include holistic recommendations that go beyond skills gaps

Competency Systems

Our competency approach is performance-based. We use models of expert performance to identify only those precious few skills and behaviours that differentiate high performance, not the common laundry lists that create that deer-in-the-headlights look from your managers.

Performance Management

The next wave of performance management is here. Digital transformation and a new understanding of how feedback improves performance has changed the way organizations think about supporting performance. We can help you re-design your performance management system.

Learning Design Sprint

We’ve developed a 3-5 day sprint to design, prototype and test a learning solution to meet your unique needs. It uses design thinking and team collaboration to rapidly develop an innovative solution and tested prototype to guide your development effort.

Agile Learning Organization

The new work methods of agile development, lean innovation and design thinking are being applied to improve quality and creativity across the enterprise. They offer new avenues for innovation in Learning and HR functions. We can help you get better results from your learning function using the human centred design and management structures embodied in these new approaches to work.

Personalized Learning Paths

Learning Architecture. Curriculum design. Personalized learning paths. We bring the methodology, you provide the internal SME’s. Together we map performance gaps to skills, and then skills to learning assets to create lean, individualized learning roadmaps your employees will appreciate.

Measurement and Evaluation

Evaluation efforts fail when the same broad approach is applied to all types of learning and performance initiatives. We match the appropriate evaluation method to your goals.

Learning solutions built to meet your unique needs

Custom Learning Design


Custom learning should as simple as possible, but not simpler. We create practical and engaging programs, elegant in their simplicity, with just enough content and practice to quickly develop skilled knowledge. 


We start with a deep understanding of performance needs, and only then identify the skills and knowledge needed to meet them. The result is lean, active and meaningful learning experiences.

Technology Forward.

We use digital learning approaches when they make sense. In modern organizations, that’s most of the time. But we let program goals and user context drive our decision-making, not the technology itself.


The interactive on-line programs you’ve come to love or hate. To bring back the love, our designs go light on content and emphasize meaningful practice and interaction. E-learning that works. Imagine that.


Small, short digital learning segments, usually animated or video based, with a laser focus on a specific objective.

Explainer Videos

Animated concept overviews designed to inform and motivate. Great for introductory sequences for larger programs.

Digital scenario and practice environments

Our scenarios and practice environments immerse people in simulated work situations where they analyze problems and make decisions they will also need to make on the job. They experience natural consequences of those choices and learn from meaningful feedback.

Performance Support Tools

How-to guides, decision checklists, job aids and interactive tools. Whether digital or print-based, the goal is to provide on-demand support for critical work tasks.

Content Curation

Excellent content is everywhere–both inside and outside your organization. We research, identify, integrate and maintain content relevant to specific program objectives.

Virtual Learning

Facilitated, live, on-line learning. When learning matters, don’t wing it. Careful design for the nuances of on line experience and collaboration will make your virtual learning soar. We both design and facilitate on-line sessions.

Facilitator-led Learning

Still the best way to go for many learning goals. We design leader materials and participant guides rich in active learning. We integrate and blend with other learning modes for truly unique learning experiences.

Action Learning

Problem based learning at its most authentic. We facilitate management and work teams to learn from real work tasks through trial, reflection and peer learning.

Deliberate Practice Routines

We design deliberate practice routines based on best practices from the research on developing expertise. We can help you bring practice to centre stage and continuously grow the skills of key roles in your organizations.

Communities of Practice and Social Learning

Knowledge workers develop tacit knowledge through sharing and peer learning. We’ll work with you to develop on-line communities of practice and social tools that grow competitive know-how.

Blended Learning

It’s a rare project where traditional learning is not integrated with digital and other modern learning tools. Our programs creatively combine learning approaches for greatest impact.

Continuous learning drives continuous improvement

Performance Design

Can performance be designed?

We think so.  Empowered with an understanding of the factors that support their performance – and some freedom to innovate – teams can build continuous improvement into their daily work. 

Our Performance by Design process integrates behavioural change with process re-design and agile development to continuously improve team performance.  We foster team learning, facilitate process improvement and coach groups through our performance design process. The team learns the new skills, mindsets, and habits needed to continuously define, test and implement small changes that make a big difference. 

Performance Analysis
Performance Design
Continuous Implementation

We work with the team to identify current business metrics, performance gaps and their causes and improvement targets. 

Through the process the team learns a powerful model for analyzing their work output, the effectiveness of the processes and tools they use to produce that output, and the behavioural and skill issues that may be holding them back. 

Using the data from their analysis the team ideates potential solutions to improve their performance.

The best of these are prototyped and tested in a simulated or real environment.  Based on what is learned solutions are refined.  This prototype, test, measure and refine cycle is the basis of continuous learning and innovation.

Learning feeds performance improvement which in turn produces the innovation our organizations need to thrive.

In this agile driven performance design process, implementation is continuous. 

Like agile software development, the team works within small improvement sprints designed to deploy and test their improvement and move to the next. 

Current behavioural science increasing tells us that improvement sticks when made in small increments, the success of each reinforcing the important new habits associated with permanent change.