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Ask employees where they learned how to do their job and the answer is usually some variation of “at work”. Studies like the one below usually identify “on-the-job experience” and “interaction with co-workers” as the main learning vehicles. Informal learning tends to focus on collaboration and knowledge exchange Although, training functions are coming around to...
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Overheard at a recent training conference… “I’d be more successful if I didn’t worry so much about needs assessment and just gave them good courses.  The business is moving too fast for a big study  The only ones complaining are the instructional design group” It was a conversation between training managers.  It’s only one conversation...
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A few days ago Ron Wilkins referenced a report released from the  Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) asking CEOs which areas in their organizations would suffer the most in response to the current economic crisis.   Learning and Development was tagged as the #1 target for cutbacks at 38% of respondents.  Recruiting was second and IT was...
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In my previous post I suggested there are better and faster ways to develop some types of skilled performance than full featured e-learning development.  One of those ways–particularly suited to procedural, task based work–is Digital Performance Support. Digital Performance Tools The performance aid has a long history in training and development but in the transition...
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I just learned that Geary Rummler recently passed away.  Geary was a leading thinker, researcher and practitioner in performance improvement and learning design. His approaches helped me and many others improve the impact of learning solutions and transition to the broader world of performance improvement and process redesign. He is best known for his book Improving...
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I’m doing some research on Competency Modeling for a project and I have the same nagging question I had when competency based approaches became the rage in the 90’s.  Do competency based approaches really improve performance? Competency based talent management (training, development, performance management, selection etc.) is now firmly entrenched in corporate HR culture.  The...
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Hello.  This is my inaugural post in what I hope becomes a useful learning tool for you and for me.  For my part, I hope to share approaches and ideas that I have developed over 20+ years working and consulting in the learning and performance profession.  If I peak your interest (or provoke your disagreement),...
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