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How am I doing? Performance feedback as informal learning

Ask employees where they learned how to do their job and the answer is usually some variation of “at work”. Studies like the one below usually identify “on-the-job experience” and...
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Fun with learning taxonomies

Dave Ferguson’s recent post on Bloom’s learning taxonomy (see Lovin’ Bloom) got me thinking about the value of learning taxonomies in learning and information design. Learning taxonomies attempt to break...
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I recently received my Certified Training and Development Professional Designation (CTDP) from the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD). I’ve been working in this profession for a number of...
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Wither needs assessment?

Overheard at a recent training conference… “I’d be more successful if I didn’t worry so much about needs assessment and just gave them good courses.  The business is moving too...
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It’s the performance, stupid

My recent posts on web/learning 2.0 technologies got me thinking about other technology waves that have rippled through learning and performance over the years.  Since my first mainframe based e-learning...
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Using social media to improve knowledge work

Happy New Year!  In my last post (way back in 2008), I mentioned a range of ways Social Media can be used to support formal and informal learning.   One of...
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Supporting Organizational Learning with Social Media

As Social Media and Web 2.0 applications make their way from the public/consumer sphere into organizations, learning professionals are thinking about how it will change the way they design, support...
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Enterprise 2.0, learning and performance

It’s fascinating to watch technical innovations grow in use from early adopters to the point where they “tip” into mass acceptance (apologies to Malcolm Gladwell).  This is certainly the case...
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What’s a self respecting learning function to do in an economic crisis?

A few days ago Ron Wilkins referenced a report released from the  Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) asking CEOs which areas in their organizations would suffer the most in response to...
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