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Learning from Higher Education

I’ve worked in learning design and management in both business and higher education settings and the differences in how e-learning technology is used in these two worlds is striking.   Business...
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Learning in Action

In preparation for a presentation I’m doing on how the learning function can introduce more informal learning services to their repertoire, I’ve been exploring methods that build on the Natural...
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Kindling for Ideas

I came across another interesting web 2.0 app recently. It’s called Kindling and it allows users to submit an idea, discuss it and then vote on it.  From the companies...
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The Big Question: Workplace Learning in 10 Years

Nothing like an economic crisis to get us thinking about our future.  The Learning Circuits Blog big question for March is “What will Workplace Learning look like in ten years?” ...
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Knowing, Doing and Accomplishing

Knowing and Doing Learning professionals are trained to aim programs at what people should DO rather than what they should KNOW, that training should be performance-based rather than subject matter...
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Let Learning Lead

I’ve been reading an interesting book by Mathew May, a senior advisor to the University of Toyota:  The Elegant Solution: Toyota’s Formula for Mastering Innovation. The Toyota Production System (TPS)...
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A Delicious Problem-based Learning Resource

I just finished an interesting project developing a Knowledge base to support a new graduate certificate program in Research Commercialization and Innovation for a Toronto Community College. The program incorporates...
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NPR: Companies Rethink Annual Performance Reviews

I found this National Public Radio story interesting in light of my last two posts on performance feedback systems. “Companies Rethink Annual Performance Reviews,” gives examples of companies that have...
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Implementing a performance feedback system

I received a few e-mails on my last post on performance feedback as informal learning. The questions concerned how to implement a performance feedback system of the type I described,...
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