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Leadership Development in a Learning 2.0 World

Last week  I presented a session titled Leadership Development in a Learning 2.0 World at the CSTD 2010 National Symposium. Here is the description of the session from the conference...
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Instructional Design: Science, Art and Craft

Henry Mintzberg sees management as a balancing act between science, art and craft. His argument is that effective management requires all three and an overemphasis on any one results in...
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e-Learning: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

e-Learning: What’s hot, what’s not I received a request from a colleague last week who is helping a company put together a learning strategy,  part of which will focus on...
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CSTD/IFTDO Conference Presentations

This year the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) and the International Federation of Training and Development Organisations (IFTDO) are combining for a single conference event in Toronto that...
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Moving on…but the blog stays.

You’ll notice I’ve stripped my web site down to only the blog entries this week.  This is because I’ve decided to take a full time position and close out Gram...
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Web 2.0 Helping to Generate Measurable Business Value

In an earlier post (For Web 2.0 What’s in the Workflow is What Gets Used), I refered to some ongoing research McKinsey&Company is doing in web 2.0 adoption in the...
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Poor Scholar’s Soliloquy

Here’s an article written in 1944 by Stephan M. Cory (University of Chicago January 1944 edition of Childhood Education).   It is a classic satire written in the first person of...
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ADDIE is dead! Long live ADDIE!

I’m at risk of flogging a very dead horse here, but some recent posts from Ellen Wagner (What is it about ADDIE that makes people so cranky?) and Donald Clark...
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Simulation and Immersive Learning

Here’s a nice example I stumbled on this week that illustrates the transition that training needs to make. A few years ago the UPS driver training unit had a mini-revolt...
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