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Learning Failure in 7 Easy Steps

We all make mistakes. We know better, but we follow old ways or accept cultural practices that don’t work. There are patterns that produce successful projects and those that lead...
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Epic Learning Fail

If you’ve been in the learning business for a while you’ve likely seen a few examples where learning initiatives have simply missed the mark. They didn’t produce the anticipated return...
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Four Learning Traps to Avoid

The Learning End GameTrap Perhaps you’ve re-committed to improve learning as the mission of your department (or next big initiative, or…).  It’s well meaning but can be self defeating (or...
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Everyday Experience is Not Enough

Advocates of the most laissez-faire approaches informal learning suggest that given the right tools employees will do just fine without all the interference by the learning department. No one can argue...
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Practice Makes Perfect Revisited

Last Thursday (November  17), I presented a session on the use of deliberate practice in learning and performance at the CSTD national conference in Toronto.  I promised participants that I...
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Moving Practice to Centre Stage

As digital content becomes more prevalent (free and otherwise), there’s much talk about the new role of the learning professional as content curator or content strategy developer. I agree this...
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8 Ways to Improve the Strategic Value of Custom Learning

About half of the formal training provided in organizations is custom developed (the other half are packaged “off-the-shelf” programs).  That’s a lot of training.  Every week  internal learning design teams...
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Designs for Natural Learning

What learning are you designing at the moment? Maybe it’s a structured e-learning or classroom program. If you have a more constructivist bent you may be working on an immersive...
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Mapping Informal and Formal Learning Strategies to Real Work

During the Q&A at a recent conference session on Social Learning, a retail industry attendee asked “I have to train 300 store level associates in new product knowledge in the...
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