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A Delicious Problem-based Learning Resource

I just finished an interesting project developing a Knowledge base to support a new graduate certificate program in Research Commercialization and Innovation for a Toronto Community College. The program incorporates a problem based learning methodology where students are assigned problems they must solve collaboratively. The problem based learning method relies heavily on available learning and...
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NPR: Companies Rethink Annual Performance Reviews

I found this National Public Radio story interesting in light of my last two posts on performance feedback systems. “Companies Rethink Annual Performance Reviews,” gives examples of companies that have switched to providing feedback on a continuous basis, using a coaching-oriented process.  It refers to the Rypple application I mentioned in this post. From the...
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Implementing a performance feedback system

I received a few e-mails on my last post on performance feedback as informal learning. The questions concerned how to implement a performance feedback system of the type I described, so I thought I’d follow up with some implementation steps and alternatives. Performance feedback is frequent, specific and objective information to individuals (or teams) regarding...
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How am I doing? Performance feedback as informal learning

Ask employees where they learned how to do their job and the answer is usually some variation of “at work”. Studies like the one below usually identify “on-the-job experience” and “interaction with co-workers” as the main learning vehicles. Informal learning tends to focus on collaboration and knowledge exchange Although, training functions are coming around to...
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Fun with learning taxonomies

Dave Ferguson’s recent post on Bloom’s learning taxonomy (see Lovin’ Bloom) got me thinking about the value of learning taxonomies in learning and information design. Learning taxonomies attempt to break down and categorize types of learning to help designers (of instruction, information, education, performance) develop objectives and learning strategies best matched to the specific type...
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I recently received my Certified Training and Development Professional Designation (CTDP) from the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD). I’ve been working in this profession for a number of years and have been an intermittent member of CSTD over that time.  CSTD has been working hard to build the certification as an indicator of...
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