Our Approach

We help your organization adapt to a constantly changing work environment.

Learning is the most natural and adaptive of all human behaviour.  Yet organizations unwittingly create conditions that complicate or discourage effective learning at work.  

We work directly with your leaders, learning functions, and teams to remove barriers to learning and replace them with processes, resources, and learning experiences that develop potential and improve performance.  Here are  7 principles and mindsets that guide our work. 

Performance First

We start and finish with measurable performance

Learning initiatives fail when they’re not connected to business performance. Simplicity and effectiveness are more easily achieved by understanding real performance needs.  Similarly, on-the-job performance falters when it’s not guided by continuous learning. Embedding learning in the work is one of our driving principles.  

Partnership and Collaboration

Our most creative and effective solutions grow from close collaboration with our clients

We value our relationships and work to become trusted advisors. Our methods make room for teamwork with your stakeholders and expert performers to create solutions informed by “how things really work here”. It will be clear from our very first meeting how we will work with you, what you can expect from us and by when. 

Project Excellence

Professional results, on time, and on budget

We use professional project management practices for all our design projects. That means frequent communication, understandable project plans, effective change management, clear project roles, and agile development processes.   

Less is More

Simplicity doesn't mean simplistic

Einstein said everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.  In our experience what engages employees (and improves performance) are simple, highly usable resources and programs that help them do their work better, quicker and easier.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t complexity in achieving that goal.  We love the design challenge of finding cost effective, minimalist solutions to complex learning and business issues. 

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking helps us find the right levers to influence continuous learning and performance improvement

We view organizations as open systems with people, processes and technology working together to produced valued outcomes.  Learning and performance improvement happens when solutions incorporate all factors.   


Ok, that's not a word! But our work borrows from Design Thinking, Agile, and Lean Innovation. We believe the core principles of these methods are the foundation of adaptive learning organizations

Design Thinking, Agile Development and Lean Innovation are revolutionizing organizations. Each is grounded in learning, experimental thinking, human-centred design, collaboration, prototyping and continuous deployment. We think it’s high time for learning to join the party. We’re doing our part. 

Learning and Behavioural Science

We’re evidence nerds so you don't have to be

Our learning designs incorporate methods proven to improve effectiveness. Our behaviour change and team performance approaches are informed by best practices in organizational behaviour and human performance at work.